Stables – Beyond Brushes

I found out about this band in an unusual w01-beyond-brushes-artworkay (to me at least). I’ve recently started using twitter (@acquiredtasteed) and this band popped up as a suggestion for me to follow. To me, twitter doesn’t really seem the sort of place where you find new music, it’s just not easy enough to listen to each artist. You have to click through to their profile, then click on their website/bandcamp/soundcloud and then listen. You almost have to take a punt on whether you listen to it based on their name alone.

In this case, I’m not sure entirely why I delved further into Stables’s music, perhaps because it was the first time I’d done it, but it was worth it! Almost a Mumford and Sons effect with their use of chords (especially on Steam) but ultimately better as I much prefer Matthew’s vocals.

There are some really beautiful moments eg. An Interlude, although the highlight for me is Meet You (video below). I really like the beautiful melodies in this song and it just makes me feel good. I haven’t listened to an album in it’s entirety for a while now and as I listened through this it did feel like a sort of journey. I’ve heard a few mutterings that the ‘album’ is dead but this goes to show just how powerful they can be.

I hope to see more from Stables in the future, and hopefully they’ll hop over to the UK soon. At the moment their only gigs lined up are in France according to their website. If you live there I suggest you see them!

New discovery: Mt. Wolf

I’m sure this South London band might be old news to some people, but I only heard about them a couple of days ago (yes, I’m behind the times). Just in case you’re as oblivious as me, here’s their latest song. I really love the ethereal, spaced out feel of their songs which they manage while still having a decent tune.

Meursault are back.

Meursault (led by Neil Pennycook), is returning. It seems as if Pennycook has been off doing various other ventures over the last couple of years, but now he’s focusing his attentions on Meursault. There’s an EP release on the horizon and the new album is going to coming out in early 2017 so keep your eyes peeled. More info from Song, by Toad.

Below is the title track from the upcoming EP, and it’s great.

4 years.

4 years. Wow. I can’t quite believe it’s been that long. I have a friend who said to me once when you’ve broken up with your girlfriend, if you get back together again it’s not going to work. That’s almost how I feel about this blog. So much music has been released since my last post (an undefinable number of songs) and I’ve lost touch. William Fitzsimmons’ After Afterall is playing but really it’s Bon Iver that has brought me back, due to the release of their latest album 22, A Million. As the songs drifted over me it took me way back to my review of The Age of Adz and the feeling I got when listening to it. I think part of it is the shift from the norm, a use of unfamiliar sounds. But also a connection to the past. Throughout the album are snippets of their previous work, like the use of the metronome sound in 666 ʇ which is from the incredible 4AD/Jagjaguwar Session.

This will hopefully be a successful revival. I really have missed the music scene and my musical tastes are suffering for it. Looking through the old blogs I used to follow most of them seemed to have stopped (much like mine did). I’m going to see this as a good thing, and a way of giving me a chance to discover new people with new perspectives. After all, there is a world of new music for me to discover, and I hope you care to follow along, it should be an interesting journey.

Ciao for now.

Where are all the lists?

It is list season, yet there don’t seem to be any lists here on Acquired Taste. I am well aware of this. So, what am I doing? The problem is that I dropped out of the blogging game for the majority of this year and have only really started getting back into it in the last couple of weeks. Now I’m really enjoying it (I think this may partly be due to the fact that it’s distracting me from doing all the other work that NEEDS to be done) and am planning to keep it going for as long as possible.

The reason I dropped out of doing it was because I used to do two weekly supplements (I can’t think of what else to call them), the Saturday Selection and my list of gigs in London for each week. Unfortunately after a while these just became a bit of a chore. Now I know I could have just stopped doing them, but I went on holiday for a couple of weeks and one thing led to another and I ended up just forgetting about it.

So this all means that I haven’t been paying much attention to music up until recently when I restarted it. For this reason I don’t feel that I can really comment broadly on what’s happened in the music world this year. Therefore my plan is to give you a couple of my favourite albums and singles/EPs of the past fortnight (or stuff that I’ve been picked up on throughout the year).

In no particular order…

Singles / EPs

Heart Heart – Withered Hand

I heard this a long time ago (back in April I think) but it’s stuck with me through the year. I also managed to see a gig by Withered Hand recently in London where he was supporting Meursault and having never heard him speak before was a tad shocked. I soon recovered because the music, of course, is fantastic (and I’m not saying his speaking voice isn’t).


Hermit EP – Randolph’s Leap

This one I only found out about due to the Blog Sound of 2013 and I’ve already ranted about them a bit.


The Mother We Share – Chvrches

Exactly the same as the reason for Randolph’s Leap. *


Something for the Weakened – Meursault

This is probably tied with ∆’s An Awesome Wave for my favourite album of the year. The sound has just filled out so much since their earlier music although I still miss the days of Pissing On Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues. Ah to reminisce.


Gossamer – Passion Pit

I’ve only heard this in the past couple of weeks but the music is so upbeat that I enjoy listening to it when I’m travelling a lot of the time. This may however wear out but for now it’s made a top spot.


An Awesome Wave – ∆

I may be a bit biased on this one so you can read about it there.


And there we have it, my lists for this year. I suppose about this time next week I’ll be doing the New Year’s playlist. Watch this space.

*I almost put ditto here but thought better of it.

Christmas Part V

Right, my last little christmas post. Sad times. As I said before I don’t really have many more musical offerings this christmas as I imagine you’re sick of all the horrible music already, but here is a little light in these dark days.

And that light is Hey Rosetta!’s holiday EP A Cup of Kindness Yet. I’ve been meaning to listen to it for a while (it’s been out since mid November) but only just got round to it a few days ago.

I’m going to say that this is probably the best christmas EP I have heard in quite some time (maybe in all time) especially since the first track, Carry Me Home, is my favourite christmas song of this year.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!


SiriusXM Canada is going to donate $10,000 to Kids Help Phone if “Carry Me Home” reaches 40,000 YouTube views by Jan. 1, 2013. Help the cause by sharing the video now and follow SiriusXM Canada on Facebook and Twitter.

Randolph’s Leap

I only heard about this band about a week ago as it was in the Blog Sound of 2013 which is good in a way, as I suppose that’s what it’s there for (even though there’s been some oo-ing and err-ing about the list itself seeing as it’s so similar to the Beeb’s list).

Right, back to the point.. Randolph’s Leap have released the Hermit EP in October and before that the album As Fast As A Man in September. However I’ve not yet had a chance to listen to the album but the EP is just great. That means this isn’t so much a review as just a, “I’m now aware of them, I think they’re really good, you should listen to them”. That’s if you haven’t already heard of them, which you most probably have if you’re reading this.

I find I get dragged into a lot of ‘moody’ music more and more and I really do want to get away from that but I find that all the best music out there isn’t that cheery unfortunately. This band however do make me smile, with their jaunty tunes and animated melodies. I’m definitely going to be taking the time to have a listen to their album as soon as I can.

They can be found on bandcamp here.

Christmas is Here – Part IV

I’ll admit it, I was a bit moody the last time I wrote about christmas but do not fear for I am in a greatly improved mood! The weather has somewhat improved* and I’ve been listening to Christmas with Nat & Dean (that’s Nat King Cole and Dean Martin) but I think that’s about as musical as this post is going to get I’m afraid. I know, I know, it’s a music blog and should be all about music, but I feel so saturated with christmas music I just can’t let it go on anymore.

Well perhaps just once more as this’ll be my penultimate post about christmas. There’s only 8 days left and I seem to be running out of legitimate content although I do have one more musical christmas treat up my sleeve which I’ll leave for next time.

Isn’t this picture bloody creepy? I’ve not put it there for the ‘message’ so much as the scary looking American Father Christmas. Saying that though christmas does seem to cost a lot, you can ask my bank account.

*Although this may not be inherent of christmas, as I do actually like the weather cold at this time of the year. Hopefully It’ll snow soon (but only on christmas eve, when I get back home.).

Asian She – Asian She EP

Asian She

I first heard about this band from Eaten By Monsters and it’s a great find. 6 17  is without a doubt my favourite track off the record. It has so many intense moments in it which keep drawing me back to listening to it. I think that the most effective part of this music is the ‘background’ of it. By that I mean all the sounds that aren’t all that clear but which give the music it’s mood and life.

I must say that I have been going off of guitars a lot lately but their use here is so superb I’m slowly being won back over. I’ve been thinking about this review for a few days and I definitely wanted to write about it because I think it’s one of the best  EP’s I’ve listened to this year and I’ll certainly be listening to it way into the new year.