Jónsi – Go

Jónsi is the lead singer from Sigur Rós and this is his first solo album. As you may well know this album has been out for some months now (in fact since April this year) and you may as well be wondering why I’m now reviewing it after all this time. It’s actually because I only became aware of the album a month or two ago, along with the fact that I really enjoy listening to it. At around the time it came out one of my friends played me the first track ‘Go Do’ and I loved it from that listening but never got round to looking up the album.

One things I like about this album is that it seems like very emotional album, and it works for me. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for a few weeks now and every listen still makes me feel really good inside. I feel that this album seems to have a bigger pop influence than Sigur Rós. It still boasts a atmospheric sound but the instruments seem to be a lot clearer, if that makes any sense at all.

Surprisingly Jónsi sings the majority of this in English, which is a break away from his previous work which was a mix between Icelandic and Hopelandic (made up), although the way he sings doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to understand what’s being sung. Maybe one reason I enjoy the string parts a lot (like the trills at the beginning of Kolniður) is because they’re arranged by Nico Muhly who is a contemporary classical composer.

In the end this album just keeps me coming back for more because of the joy it brings to me. Musically it may not be so complex, and can seem a little simple at times, but the music fits together so well and throughout the whole album the mood and atmosphere are the key things that make it so good.


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