I think I enjoyed Broken Records first album more than most. But then I’m a violinist and I really enjoy listening to their string arrangements which I think are above a lot of other bands out there, possibly because the string ‘section’ are actually proper members of the band, as opposed to having been brought in and given some music to play.

On the first listen I wasn’t quite sure what to think. It was definitely different to their previous stuff and I was a bit worried they’d moved too far away from what their original sound. However, as I’ve been absorbing it a bit more I’m starting to get a feel for what they’re doing. In my mind they’ve still got the majesty that I felt they had in the first album.

The sound is a lot deeper with a much thicker texture than before. Quite often people tell me that it’s the lyrics that they listen to first when they hear a record. For me however, I always listen to it as if the vocals are just another instrument and listen to the sound it makes more than the words it’s singing. In this album there is a definite sense that the voice is not the foremost thing. It sounds as if it’s hiding a little bit in among the other sounds, which I like. Another thing I noticed is that it seems more electrical. I notice the electric guitar, so I get the feeling that they’re moving away from the more acoustic sound they have in their first album.

Overall I think this is a step up for Broken Records. While they’re still connected to their roots they’re moving on, generating new sounds. Their single ‘A Darkness Rises Up’ is one of the highlights for me. But that may just be due to the fact that they released the single, and I’m meant to like it the most. However, I sometimes feel that this album perhaps gets a bit too drowned in sound. I feel that if the strip back just a teenie bit then they could have a clearer sound that’s easier to pick up. One upshot to this sound is that it’s easy to tell between the albums! Overall, a great album that’s definitely worth a buy and a listen.

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