Well I had a little panic today…

…when I opened iTunes and it was almost entirelyImage different! Now on the whole I’m not adverse to change, but this did take me by surprise. For about 15 minutes I was resistant to the idea and was getting angry at the fact I couldn’t find any of my playlists easily, and also that the entire page was covered in blank album arts (because a lot of my album arts have gone missing in the many years I’ve been acquiring my collection of music). Also one of my flat mates said “it looks like Windows Media Player”, and I thought, yes, yes it does.

Alas, as I did a little bit of tweaking I became used to it and managed to get it looking more like a slick music player as opposed to something dark, bulky and slow. And I do like the new “Up Next” feature along with the so called universal search, looking through podcasts, playlists as well as the songs. Also the search is exceptionally quick, which is a lovely change because in iTunes 10 it would take about 10 seconds to come up with any search results even though I may sound some what hypocritical with regards to my media player statement (the slowness is mainly due to having all my music on an external hard drive though).

So, in conclusion, change can be good, but only when I’m prepared for it. 

Let me know what you think...

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