Christmas is here!

I can tell it is, because there’s snow falling over my wordpress pages. And of course all the disgusting christmas songs that are blaring out in every shop. But I quite like them. I am very tempted into creating a list of christmas songs that I approve of (it seems the done thing in the blogosphere) but I shan’t be. A couple of songs a week should do nicely, as I imagine you’ll be getting flooded with them from every direction anyway.

I’ll start by telling you  my favourite christmas song of all, and my favourite in all its different versions, from the original composed by  Mykola Leontovych through to this one, via the Home Alone version. although this one is my favourite. I first found it last year when downloading the XO for the Holidays Volume 3. They’re not bad compilations, but not all the songs are great. You can download all the samplers (there are five of them now) for free! Hurrah, free stuff!

Paper Tongues – Carol of the Bells

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