Seasfire – We Will Wake EP

I remember seeing the very end of a Seasfire’s set back in March, I and at the time I had no idea who they were. I’d briefly looked them up before I went to the gig but I suppose I didn’t give myself enough time to let the music take effect. Or maybe they just didn’t have much music to listen to back then. Nevertheless, I was foolish (and maybe I drank a wee bit too much) so only got there as they were finishing and can’t remember much of that (It’s not that I was horrendously drunk, because I remembered the Broken Records set, so do not fear).

Well for the most part this new offering is rather good. The title track is definitely the stand out here. It captures the voice of Josh Thorn, the lead singer, really well and there’s a slight uneasiness in this song and especially throughout the rest of the EP. Another thing I like is that occasionally the music turns from this worrying noise into moments of complete calm (achieved mainly by the solo piano and voice I think) and then thrusts you back into it. How Do You Sleep captures this especially well, and while not up there with We Will Wakeis still an great song.

However, the rest of the EP just feels like there’s a little bit too much of a pop feel to it. That could have been completely what they’re aiming for and it probably was as all the songs do seem to all fit together quite nicely, it’s just not really my thing. And on the whole that’s not necessarily a problem, and it’s also not a major criticism, I just feel that the music falls slightly from the very good of We Will Wake to just good for How Do You Sleep, down to average for the other three tracks. The thing is the final three songs seem a bit too standard after such highlights as the first track and their song from before the EP came out, Falling, which was absolutely fantastic. Hopefully they’ll be releasing a full album soon and they’ll be able to bring out some more of the talented music writers that are definitely there, but perhaps need a bit more time to create great songs.

Let me know what you think...

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