∆ (alt-j) are my favourite shape…

The phenomenon that is ∆ (Alt-J). I remember seeing them on the 6th of October in 2011 for their first gig in London at The Victoria in Dalston which was promoting their first single (Bloodflood and Tessellate), which was released 4 days later. Just over a year on and they’ve won the Mercury Prize. I’m not going to go into explaining their name because hopefully everyone gets it by now (maybe I think their name’s a little pretentious but hey, it worked!).

I have the good fortune that one of my best friends is the bassist Gwil Sainsbury’s brother (the short one on the right). I can remember hearing about them (in their previous incarnations) every week, and they were pretty damn good back then, although I never once imagined they’d get this far so quickly. From then on it seems they’ve only got better. But how far can they go and what’s next?

Well they’ve been confirmed as headliners for the NME/Radio 1 stage at Reading and Leeds festival next year as well as doing a tour of North America in spring, so they’ve got a lot on the horizon. Let’s hope they announce a new tour (for a new album perhaps?) sometime next year in the UK because I am dying to see them again.

As I sit here listening to their album An Awesome Wave for the umpteenth time I can’t help but thinking (yet again) how great the album is. I think it’s just that the music is so original it makes it incredibly easy to listen to over and over again. My favourite song is Bloodflood, mainly due to the last 30 seconds or so where everything comes in at once and you’re confronted with a big wall of sound. I probably don’t need to tell you how great they are though as they’ve been so widely covered, but I just wanted to let you know they get my nod of approval. So yes, you have permission to go crazy about them.

3 thoughts on “∆ (alt-j) are my favourite shape…

  1. Possibly, possibly. However, I don’t feel I’ve really been all that in touch with the ‘music scene’ for most of the year so I probably can’t make a very informed choice. Next year, definitely.


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