Stables – Beyond Brushes

I found out about this band in an unusual w01-beyond-brushes-artworkay (to me at least). I’ve recently started using twitter (@acquiredtasteed) and this band popped up as a suggestion for me to follow. To me, twitter doesn’t really seem the sort of place where you find new music, it’s just not easy enough to listen to each artist. You have to click through to their profile, then click on their website/bandcamp/soundcloud and then listen. You almost have to take a punt on whether you listen to it based on their name alone.

In this case, I’m not sure entirely why I delved further into Stables’s music, perhaps because it was the first time I’d done it, but it was worth it! Almost a Mumford and Sons effect with their use of chords (especially on Steam) but ultimately better as I much prefer Matthew’s vocals.

There are some really beautiful moments eg. An Interlude, although the highlight for me is Meet You (video below). I really like the beautiful melodies in this song and it just makes me feel good. I haven’t listened to an album in it’s entirety for a while now and as I listened through this it did feel like a sort of journey. I’ve heard a few mutterings that the ‘album’ is dead but this goes to show just how powerful they can be.

I hope to see more from Stables in the future, and hopefully they’ll hop over to the UK soon. At the moment their only gigs lined up are in France according to their website. If you live there I suggest you see them!

Asian She – Asian She EP

Asian She

I first heard about this band from Eaten By Monsters and it’s a great find. 6 17  is without a doubt my favourite track off the record. It has so many intense moments in it which keep drawing me back to listening to it. I think that the most effective part of this music is the ‘background’ of it. By that I mean all the sounds that aren’t all that clear but which give the music it’s mood and life.

I must say that I have been going off of guitars a lot lately but their use here is so superb I’m slowly being won back over. I’ve been thinking about this review for a few days and I definitely wanted to write about it because I think it’s one of the best  EP’s I’ve listened to this year and I’ll certainly be listening to it way into the new year.