4 years.

4 years. Wow. I can’t quite believe it’s been that long. I have a friend who said to me once when you’ve broken up with your girlfriend, if you get back together again it’s not going to work. That’s almost how I feel about this blog. So much music has been released since my last post (an undefinable number of songs) and I’ve lost touch. William Fitzsimmons’ After Afterall is playing but really it’s Bon Iver that has brought me back, due to the release of their latest album 22, A Million. As the songs drifted over me it took me way back to my review of The Age of Adz and the feeling I got when listening to it. I think part of it is the shift from the norm, a use of unfamiliar sounds. But also a connection to the past. Throughout the album are snippets of their previous work, like the use of the metronome sound in 666 ʇ which is from the incredible 4AD/Jagjaguwar Session.

This will hopefully be a successful revival. I really have missed the music scene and my musical tastes are suffering for it. Looking through the old blogs I used to follow most of them seemed to have stopped (much like mine did). I’m going to see this as a good thing, and a way of giving me a chance to discover new people with new perspectives. After all, there is a world of new music for me to discover, and I hope you care to follow along, it should be an interesting journey.

Ciao for now.