The Saturday Selection

Well, here I am, sitting at my desk, a little bit bored. So I thought, why not give my readers a little selection of music to keep their weekend ticking along nicely.

So this is for you! To kick this (hopefully weekly) mix off I thought I’d put the first 5 songs that come up on my iTunes. A risky choice, I know, and I admit there’s a lot of random music in my collection, and I will be taking out the classical music, as I feel that’s not what anyone’s here for. Also, unfortunately due to the fact that big names could appear here quite easily I will only be putting up the tracks if they’re on Soundcloud, otherwise I’ll post a link to a YouTube video so you can still listen. Sorry! Here we go:

First up,

The Phantom Band – Walls

Eels – Nowadays

Seth Lakeman – The Ballad of Josie

British Sea Power – Please Stand Up

Eels – Rags to Rags

So there we have it, the first Saturday 5 to grace these pages. Not as bad as I was expecting, although unfortunate about there being two Eels tracks there, and the second Eels video, I almost didn’t recognise Mr. E, with his funky blonde hair and hardly no beard! I was shocked!