Broken Records – Live at Club Fandango, Wednesday 21st March

Again, I'm sorry for the poor image quality, only had my phone camera with me, I'll have to remember to bring my camera with me in the future!

Sorry to say, but I’m pretty awful, as I only managed to turn up at the end of the last song of Seasfires set. I know. Bad stuff. And I also may have been a little bit tipsy, but that doesn’t make any of the following less biased. I had a great time! It was a wonderful gig and Broken Records are simply sublime live, and luckily I managed to get a front row spot, right in the middle. Now aside from all the tuning that Jamie Sutherland had to do (pictured) due to his “new guitar” everything ran smoothly.

They opened with Springsteen a new song of there’s which I hadn’t heard before, and which was actually pretty good. Looks like I’m going to be getting excited about their next album! A couple of personal favourites from the gig were A Darkness Rises Up and Nearly Home. We did call out for Out on the Water but alas, as we heard from Rory Sutherland, the violinist, at the end, Jamie “probably can’t remember it”. Oh well.

There was a fairly large crowd, although not tightly packed so everyone could enjoy it, and enjoy it they did. It was a great set, and a great selection of their songs. In A Darkness Rises Up the sound just smashed through you as all of the band get going and it really is a great feeling that they’re able to give you due to their 6-piece line-up. I think they’re now on their way back to (or are already back in) Scotland now. But if you ever get a chance to see them live, do it. Great band, really tight, wonderful gig!