Dems – Live at The Old Blue Last, Thursday 15th March

[Sorry for the poor image quality, only had my phone camera with me!]

Well, I only really made it to this gig for Dems at The Old Blue Last, because I honestly do not enjoy that sort of music, put out by Bad Life. Sorry! But Dems have caught my eye, and, listening to their recorded stuff, I felt they weren’t as, um… bassy and techno. Luckily for the most part their set was awesome. With only a couple of minor mishaps I shall mention now.

First off, I didn’t like the lighting. I could tell what they were going for, with the moody blue, but to be honset I just wanted to see them play and unfortunately for the most part it looked like this:

However, I was more than willing to look over this fact seeing as I enjoy their music. Then another thing hit me, I couldn’t hear past the ‘bass drum’ (they use a drum pad) and every time it hit I couldn’t hear anything else. Maybe they just need to pull it down a bit, because what I listen to their music for are the vocals and other lines.

This said, I do not regret going. They started off with House, which, if you read here often, will now is a song a quite like, and they did it justice. As they settled in their songs did seem to improve, and some of the b-side to their new single, Inner Owas a personal highlight for me, as they stripped back the bass sounds and had a more interesting drum beat going on.

Overall, I think they are on their way up. This gig showed that they have what it takes to make it, with a few minor tweaks. But that’s just my opinion, and hey, if you’re into the whole massive drum beats, and enjoy most of Bad Life’s releases then I’m sure you’d have had a blast!

Live in London – 15th – 21st March

[NOTE: If a gig is sold out at the time of  posting it will not appear below.]

When I first started looking through the venues to see if there was anything on this week, I thought it was going to be a quiet one, how wrong I was.

WHEN?    Thursday 15th March
WHERE?  The Old Blue Last

Well worth going as it’s FREE. You’ll see I posted one of Dems’ videos a week or so ago. Well now’s your chance to see them! Minor update: I shall now be attending. Hurrah!

Dems – House

WHEN?    Monday 8th March
WHERE?  Shephard’s Bush Empire

If you missed them last week now’s your time to go, although this time you’ll have to pay.

The Civil Wars – Poison & Wine

WHO?       WU LYF
WHEN?    Wednesday  21st + Thursday 22nd of March
WHERE?  Heaven

Wu Lyf – L Y F

WHEN?    Wednesday 21st March
WHERE?  Bull & Gate

Well, Broken Records are a band that I’ve been into for a LONG time so I’ll be trying my very hardest to make it to this gig, even though it’s the other side of London (and I’m poor, did I mention that?)! A nice little lineup from Edinburgh here that I’m thoroughly looking forward to.

Broken Records – A Darkness Rises Up