Asian She – Asian She EP

Asian She

I first heard about this band from Eaten By Monsters and it’s a great find. 6 17  is without a doubt my favourite track off the record. It has so many intense moments in it which keep drawing me back to listening to it. I think that the most effective part of this music is the ‘background’ of it. By that I mean all the sounds that aren’t all that clear but which give the music it’s mood and life.

I must say that I have been going off of guitars a lot lately but their use here is so superb I’m slowly being won back over. I’ve been thinking about this review for a few days and I definitely wanted to write about it because I think it’s one of the best  EP’s I’ve listened to this year and I’ll certainly be listening to it way into the new year.

Fanfarlo – Rooms Filled With Light

I have to say (and I imagine anyone reading might get angry because it’s an overused comparison) that it does sound rather similar to Arcade Fire‘s The Suburbs. As I was listening, over and over as it happens, to this album it just kept popping up in my head, particularly during the song Feathers. I think it might be to do with Simon Balthazar’s vocals, or the selection of instruments that they use. However, I was not a big fan of The Suburbs, mainly due to the feel of it. Do not fear for Fanfarlo though, because I preferred this a lot more.

While I was listening it felt as if I was going on some emotional roller-coaster. The songs change so quickly I didn’t know what I was meant to be feeling, though I got an overall sense of joy, with songs such as Dig being a personal favourite, along with their single Deconstruction.

Unfortunately, I never really got into Fanfarlo before this album and the only song off of their first album Reservoir that struck me was I’m a Pilot. Lucky for me then that I got my hands on this album, for I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it! Another unlucky incident was from a couple of years back when they were playing at Relentless Boardmasters in Cornwall, and my brother, the author of Eaten By Monsters, suggested I went to see them. Alas, I didn’t make it. But for now I shall just have to cope with their folk-indie-pop, great new album!

Fanfarlo – Deconstruction

Fanfarlo – Replicate