Randolph’s Leap

I only heard about this band about a week ago as it was in the Blog Sound of 2013 which is good in a way, as I suppose that’s what it’s there for (even though there’s been some oo-ing and err-ing about the list itself seeing as it’s so similar to the Beeb’s list).

Right, back to the point.. Randolph’s Leap have released the Hermit EP in October and before that the album As Fast As A Man in September. However I’ve not yet had a chance to listen to the album but the EP is just great. That means this isn’t so much a review as just a, “I’m now aware of them, I think they’re really good, you should listen to them”. That’s if you haven’t already heard of them, which you most probably have if you’re reading this.

I find I get dragged into a lot of ‘moody’ music more and more and I really do want to get away from that but I find that all the best music out there isn’t that cheery unfortunately. This band however do make me smile, with their jaunty tunes and animated melodies. I’m definitely going to be taking the time to have a listen to their album as soon as I can.

They can be found on bandcamp here.