Loads – A Fight for Land EP

It’s always odd, listening to your friends music. Obviously you have an overwhelming desire to see it in as good a light as possible, and I always end up feeling awkward when I find things I don’t like about it. However, luckily there wasn’t much here for me to feel awkward about.

When I first heard this I had no idea that it was by my friend, until the singing came in, and even then it took a couple of seconds for me to realise. This stuff is quite a bit different to what he used to do and personally I think it’s a lot better (don’t hate me JJ). I love the way that the soundscapes just wash over you, especially in Unroof and Backbone.

At the beginning of Grow Enormous I couldn’t help but think of Foals, and I do hate comparing music to other artists, or using the classic ‘if you like this you’ll like this’, but this time I had no choice. I’m not saying that’s not a good thing, it’s just the guitar parts at the very beginning did sound a lot like those from Foals, so I think we can all see some influence there… However as soon as the vocals came in the music changed, and for the better I think. The sound moved away from what I originally thought it’d be and became something more interesting. The vocals are quite interesting, and usually ‘interesting’ seems to be code for something that just doesn’t sit right, and occasionally it doesn’t, but most of the time I enjoyed listening to it.

Overall the feel is slightly rough, and that’s not a bad thing. I think this EP is awesome, and I can imagine him going places. I’m not entirely sure if it’s recorded by him on his own or whether he got people in for some of the other instruments, because as far as I’m aware he just plays guitar and sings. This EP is definitely worth a listen, and a free download, which is always a bonus.