Christmas is Here – Part IV

I’ll admit it, I was a bit moody the last time I wrote about christmas but do not fear for I am in a greatly improved mood! The weather has somewhat improved* and I’ve been listening to Christmas with Nat & Dean (that’s Nat King Cole and Dean Martin) but I think that’s about as musical as this post is going to get I’m afraid. I know, I know, it’s a music blog and should be all about music, but I feel so saturated with christmas music I just can’t let it go on anymore.

Well perhaps just once more as this’ll be my penultimate post about christmas. There’s only 8 days left and I seem to be running out of legitimate content although I do have one more musical christmas treat up my sleeve which I’ll leave for next time.

Isn’t this picture bloody creepy? I’ve not put it there for the ‘message’ so much as the scary looking American Father Christmas. Saying that though christmas does seem to cost a lot, you can ask my bank account.

*Although this may not be inherent of christmas, as I do actually like the weather cold at this time of the year. Hopefully It’ll snow soon (but only on christmas eve, when I get back home.).