Christmas is Here – Part III (The bad bit)

It’s a sad day for everyone due to the news at the death of Sir Patrick Moore. Nevertheless, the blog must go on, and hopefully another free album will cheer you up! But I’m not sure it will. This time it’s the XO for the Holidays Volume V. I have to say, I’m not that impressed with it this year. Yes it’s still got the magical cheer and for those less into the christmas cheers some more depressing numbers, but I feel that the quality of alternative christmas songs is heading downhill. Could I be wrong? Perhaps it’s just that all christmas songs are eventually doomed, just because of their content? I know that there are plenty of good christmas songs out there, such as those from Mogwai, Eels and Frightened Rabbit. These, however, are very rare, and maybe that’s for the best.

We wouldn’t want too many good christmas songs now would we, that would be going against christmas itself! That’s what it’s all about isn’t it, bad songs, too much alcohol and happy people. Bah humbug.*¬†Also you may have noticed the snow pouring down the page, I’m not sure if I like them, and think they’re just a bit annoying. I’m probably going to get rid of it, what do you think?


Electric Shepherd – Dovetail


*I’m not actually this moody about christmas, at the time, I do like the overly cheery songs and all the tackiness that comes with it!